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Tribute for Papa

​From: Wilda, 11/29/16

It was so difficult to have not seen and stayed with you on your last journey here on earth. How guilty I felt.  I have been so busy with my own things in the Philippines that I kept delaying my trip to the US not till recently when i already heard the news about your last few hours. Although I rushed to come hoping to say my farewell to you, unfortunately, it was too late.  You already left even before I arrived. 
Regretting how I wished i could have spent more time with you does not do any good anymore. But somehow, I hope you could hear me say 'I love you Papa and will always do.'  You shaped our lives, you gave your all to us, THAT we will never forget.

On the light side Papa, i want to thank you...that somehow, I could sense I have that special soft spot in your heart. You always treated me like a baby even when I am already in my fifties. Imagine being tucked in bed by dad in my fifties! That's how lucky I was! Even at this age, whenever I am with You, you tried to make all effort to show me how much you love me.

Countless good such good memory was that You went with me to Cu ci tunnel in Vietnam. You were already an eighty yr old man when we went inside that tunnel. wow!!

Good memories like when you and mama sent me off for my wedding day or when you came again to see me give birth to Abby. Memories like that will never be erased in a lifetime.

Papa thank you so much for coaching me all these years.  I will try my best to follow your advices and hope to see you in heaven someday.

Dear Papa - Bay
Dear Angkong - Abby
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