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Five Generations of Lima

Walden, 02/20/20

The First LIMA

Antonio (王尚檀), the first Lima-namesake of the family was born in China on a Friday, in Jun-13, 18CP, (in the Chinese Calendar, this translates to the 4th Month and  25th day in 18CP in the year of the Zodiac Dog. Our grandfather migrated to the Philippines in his late thirties or early fourties age.  He left behind in China, our grandmother-- Koh Kiak, his eldest daughter Wong Siok Sin, and his youngest boy, Ong Ha Seng (王夏星). During those times, they call the act of traveling overseas Di-Song.  He landed in Pandanan, Sagay, Negros Occidental, Philippines.  Stories were told about our grandfather's successful Dried Salted Fish business in Pandanan. He was also good with carpentry works while in China. He passed away in Pandanan on Jan. 26, 1948 at the age of 59 (Chinese age 60.)  He left behind a very close adopted son, Fernando Oscares, and 5 sisters, Rosie, Ditah, Lilia, _____ and the youngest Florita.  He died broken hearted not seeing his only son, Ong Ha Seng 王夏星, who was not able to join him due to delays in the issuance of his visa to travel to the Philippines.


The Greatest LIMA


Johnny (王夏星) was born in Pia Chiu, Jin Jiang, Fujian, China on August 22, 19RP, (in the Chinese Calendar, this translate to the 7th Month 8th day, with the Chinese zodiac sign of Dragon.) At the age of 19 on June 21, 1948 , he sailed from Xiamen to the Philippines. This was 5 months after grandfather Antonio's death.   Papa's story is one of rags to riches. As a poor and homeless boy in Manila. He worked his way as a 4th grade elementary school boy in China to become a school teacher, a principal, a businessman, a governor of Lions, and a self-made pastor.

Papa is proud of his name - Lima.   He is never shy of repeatedly saying his name out loud in words or in sight.​  While in Davao in 1970, he contracted a local Davao artist friend "Mr Roxas" to design his logo. The Lima logo is prominently displayed in stone in his Matina home,  in Hongkong home, and in his homes in California.  

In his Matina home, he had his name molded in concrete pebble stone cut-out with the words - Loyalty, Integrity, Modesty, Always.  He lived his life with his LIMA principles. Although at times, he is more proud than modest of his name. A name he cherished throughout his life.  Papa passed away in November 21, 2016 in Arcadia, California.

In March of 1976, in appreciate to his contributions to the betterment of the minorities of Davao,  he was conferred the title of Datu as "Datu Looc" during the Tribal Festival in Davao City held at the Palaruang Lungsod ng Dabaw.

The Famous LIMA

William (王維廉). Our famous brother, William, is born in the war torn city of Jolo, Zolo, Philippines on June 28, 19OL. In the Chinese Calendar this would be the 5th month and 20th day in the year of the Monkey. Jolo, Zolo is the southern-most part of the Philippines where cultural and religious conflict is a common way of life.  At a young age, he had the drive to rise above everyone.

My favorite brother always deliver a 101% dedication to his work (or his play.)  In his younger days, he called himself "Starsky" and used this as his CB-Callsign in the mid 70s. He is a champion drag racer many times over. He was an avid body builder, his idols included Joe Weider and Arnold Swarzeneeger. He later set up his own gym not for profit, but for the love of body building. Also a Champion Pistol handler, he many times over won the Practical Shooting Championship in the mid 80's and served as the Vice President of the Philippines Practical Shooting Association. My brother is also a music fan. Among his earlier collections are Lee Ritenour, Carlos Santana, Earl Klugh and Grover Washington.

He is a Harley-Davidson rider and classic car collector. His house in Davao is sometimes described as
"The Garage with a House".  He used to ride his bike with the Mayor-President around the city of Davao.

Looks can be deceiving, his sometimes tough-guy facial expessions can make people uneasy, but deep inside, my brother is one warm, tender, easy to please human being.  My brother currently serves as the Philippines Envoy to China.

The Favorite Uncle Lima

Wishing John (王維生). Perhaps the most hardworking in our family, my dear brother, Wishing is born in Davao on March 16, 19LO. In the Chinese Lunar Calendar, this translate to the 2nd Month, 14th Day, with the Chinese Zodiac of snake.

My dear brother is another 101% dedicated person in everything. Always conscientious, meticulous, painstaking, demanding, accurate, thorough, or perhaps in a way sometimes O.C. 

Wishing John spent more than 20 years of his life dedicated to engineering with his works with Caltrans in the Southern California highways and freeways.  Whenever you visit San Diego, you have a good chance of riding along the highways that my brother has been involved with. If not at work, he spent most of his time working works remotely. 365 days a year.  Speaking of dedication, who can beat that? :)

He is an ardent nature lover. Name a forest, a campside, a waterfall, a canyon in this part of the country, and very likely he has been there.  He shares his love of nature with his family too, one time in 2002 taking Mama Med by land from California, to Texas, Arizona, Utah, Colorado, Nevada and back!  The best of all is that he is the most lovable and the favorite uncle of the next generation of niece and nephews!​ 

The next generation Limas


Eldest of the 4th Generation is Doctor Valerie who is now married to Dr Stephen Hermosa.

Abby is married to Kenrick.

Johnson married Lynn.

The youngest of the 4th Gen is Trevin.

The Fifth Generation First Born Lima of 2020

On June 7, 2020 we welcome the first-born fifth generation Liam Lima (王廉). Born 1:39 pm at the San Gabriel Medical Hospital. Proud parents Johnson and Lin for 4 days finally received the baby boy from God. 

Not strange, not coincidence, Baby Liam was born with the special family number of 13.  Little Liam will be quick, witty, sharp and resourceful, being the first born of the fifth generation of the Lima Clan in the Chinese Year of the Rat.

Back to Where It Once Was

503, Feb/20/2020. Two weeks ago, while on my daily threadmill exercise routine, I noticed the small paint chip above the inside door of the gym.  I felt a pinch in my heart and thought about where used to be a Lima aluminum plated emblem cut-out logo was installed.  I immediately called Chiack Chiak about where I can get one without having to go to Hongkong. Chiak Chiak says "Terry To of Sign Express!"  I droved to meet Terry at his office the next day. Seeing Terry, I recalled meeting him in 2001, when he did the cut-out signage for Edokko Restaurant. I later learned from Terry that he did quite a good number of work for Papa including the Giant Pylon in West Covina. I believe the last project he did was for Chiak Chiak and Ton Ton for the Dimsum Station in 2015. He recalled working with Joshua too.

The original Lima logo emblem at the Palm Gym was moved from Palm to Camino in 2008 and was moved again to the 6th Avenue residence in 2014. When Papa passed in 2016, the sign was given to Ibin. Now with the help of Terry To, in one week's time, the Lima emblem is back to where it was before.

Special Thanks

  • Special thanks to Chiak Chiak for the exact perfect rework of the Lima logo, just the way it was originally hand designed by Mr Roxas in 1970, when he was contracted by Papa to design the logo.

  • 谢谢 to Terry To of Sign Express for the express and perfect cut-out.

  • Muchas Gracias to Mayolo, who did the installation back to where it was.

So What Really is in a Name?

If you wish to learn more about what really is in this name, click this.

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