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Tribute to Uncle

​From: Chen Ming Li, 11/29/16

Early in the morning on November 21st , (November 22nd in the US), my cousin called from the Philippines to inform us that our beloved uncle had passed away. We were so shocked because we were not ready. I had made plans with my cousins to go to the US on the first of December, to celebrate Christmas with uncle and auntie. Now we are separated by death forever. I was grief stricken, and my thoughts went way back...

I remember the days in my childhood, although were poor and plain, but we had each other, and as a family we were close. My mother was the oldest in the family, uncle was the youngest, they were seventeen years apart. Being the older sister, my mother took care of her youngest brother - to my uncle she was like a mother.

My uncle was only four years older than me. He once said, although he was my uncle, we were actually like siblings. At young age, he had a mind of an entrepreneur, he would teach me how to use abacus, to read the ancient books and explain them to me while answering my questions, he encouraged me to study further.

Throughout his life uncle diligently studied and learned new knowledge to keep himself current with the time. In 1996, I moved from the Philippines to settle in Hong Kong. Uncle was 79 years old and he taught his 65 year old niece computer. His spirit and tireless zeal of teaching motivated me and compelled me to learn... and I truly believe that one is never too old to learn, which helped me to take the path of being a volunteer in the CiJi organization. My fellow brothers and sisters in the organization envy me for having such a kind and able uncle.  Although, we differ from each other in our religious beliefs, but we respect each other. How wonderful it is.

My uncle was very well-learned and well informed. Although he only received grade school education, he could compose music and write lyrics, he could write to publish books. My uncle surpassed others in intelligence and determination. He was dauntless; never lose heart despite repeated failures. He practiced economy and diligence. In his “dictionary”, the words such as “difficulty” or “tired” cannot be found. Every time he was in Hong Kong, his schedule was always fully booked, working non-stop taking care of business. He would not waste any minute by idling, he lived his life to the fullest, and his way of life will always be my paragon.


My Uncle rose in his life by his own effort, and was tremendously successful. My auntie had played a very important part; a wife of many virtues, she had been supportive and understanding, they went through life together, and established this wonderful life with a beautiful and happy family.

My most honored and beloved uncle, I will remember you forever.  Thank you and auntie for caring and loving me.

May you be free and without worry in Heaven.

Dear Uncle - Ming Li
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