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Happy Anniversary Angkong and Ama

Original photo from Mar-31, 2003 at Palm Drive, California. Background photo by James Wheeler of Pexels.

68 Years Ago - May 8, 1955
by Johnson de Jesus

Johnson. In a blink of an eye, 64 years passed.... May 8, 1955, family and friends gathered at the Panciteria Ramon Lee  in Ronquillo, Manila. It was then the super fried chicken I thought I liked best about that day.  The group witnessed a simple marriage ceremony for Johnny and Juana, my sister. From Johnny's side were a 4 best friends --- all named Johnny, and a close province-mate (unrelated) who acted as an elder brother, Ong Tin Chiong. From my sister's side -- the entire family, our parents, Santos de Jesus and Liu Nui, and my brothers, Koko, A-Phak, A-Heing, Pabling, and my sisters ChiChi and Pe-Pei and myself. I was then 7 years old and I to this day I still clearly remember the day my sister and my brother-in-law became one.

Juana's Family

Juana's Family with Friends

Our Priorities

by Walter

Going through the hustle and bustle of life, we tend to take for granted things that seem too little or unimportant such as love, saying hi, smiling and saying I love you. Because we’re too busy making a living, we prioritize our business or jobs over spending time with our friends, our kids, our wife and our parents, until it is too late. 


Sometimes we need to slow down and learn to appreciate how beautiful the world we are living. We need to take the time to thank God for our beautiful life and experiences, our loving family and most especially for giving us the greatest parents we can ever have, our Papa and Mama.


Happy anniversary to my dearest parents. We love you very much.

with Papa and Mama on our Wedding Day, May-8, 1992

Happy Wedding Anniversary


How I wish I had more time with both of you. To walk with you Pa and Ma beneath the stars, to hold both your hands, to see your faces, and to ask how you both are. If we could only see each other, I would tell you how things were going here and say how much I miss you both so much. Then, there would be that moment of not wanting to let you guys go once again. But I know that I would have to, as I would give you a kiss and then wish that heaven allowed visitors so I could come back and see you again. Happy 65th Wedding Anniversary to you in Heaven, Pa and Ma. We love you and miss you. -- Walter Apr-2020

Ballad of John and Jane
by Walden

Penniless, underprivileged, dirty down and out

Homeless boy of the east, down China South.

Sailing through storm across the Pearly Orient seas

To the Mountains, to the oceans and islands of thousand trees.


No adversity, nor poverty, can stop this stubborn dreamer,

This 4th grade boy becoming a modest school teacher.

Then seated behind the desk of a war-torn classroom,

Sat a gorgeous lovely girl, what a beauty in bloom.


    This is the story of how, John and Jane begun,

    Of fate and destiny, or was Thy will be done?

    Young love and silly hearts, Oh no, they say,

    Soon one will weep, and the other will stray.


Yet on a dazzling morning in May, 8th o’ Fifty Five.

Soon the vows and the bells, come bright and alive.

Plowing through fields, each armed with a simple vision,

Hardship and difficulties are nothing to a solid mission.

Peddling and selling in the crowded Manila streets

Catching a breather in Hong kong’s market beats

Small town vendors in busy Redondo swap meet

And jewelry merchants on Mondays in LA’s 7th street.


    And so this is the story of how John and Jane begun,

    Through thick and thin, endurance -- but second to none.

    A father’s kindness, higher than the highest mountains

    My mother’s love, deeper than the deepest oceans.

Many years passed, hair now thin and white,

Still the family love so brand new, so bright.

Satisfaction in giving their unconditional love

Truly selfless, ever endless and all of the above.


Living just past the 62nd candle light.

John sailed the seas on a cold November night.

Up up and away, Mama’s September flight,

Above the clouds, and unto the light.


    This is the ballad of our John and Jane,

    An inspirational story of no pain, no gain.

    For in the end are sacrifices without reservations

    Perfect love awarded in all and any conditions.


    This is the story of our own John and Jane

    For the love they give, is the love we gain.

    And in the end, its countless like rain,

    Endless blessings, time and again.


    Yes, this is the ballad of John and Jane,

    For the love they give, all the love we gain.

    And in the end, its all for their children

    And in the very end, for their children’s children.

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