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Los Angeles to Hongkong and Back

Los Angeles to Hong Kong to Los Angeles

Excerpt from the Book, "My Incredible Life Journey"

[additional writings by Juana, Walden, Walter, Winston to our best recollection]

[Walden -- In 1993, after disposing of the Datu Complex USA supermarket, my parents decided to return to Hong Kong. They continued their search to start a business. In a few days, my father found a business available for sale. This time, located at the busy district of Jordan, a few blocks from the Jordan MTR exit. A lease was signed in no time.]


[Walden -- Papa always have a keen eye for long term projects and even more intense passion in short term quick fixer upper projects. I remembered arriving in Hong Kong one day, seeing the empty, dirty store space. Floor area of around 7'x14' ground floor space. In Hong Kong, this small space in a crowded business street is top grade. Papa immediately contracted a decoration company, torn down the place, and starts with his own designs. Papa has always been his own architect, his own engineer!

[Walden -- Papa's creativity starts working on day one. Super inside lightnings, coldest air-conditioning, double mirrors, turned the mini space into a "Must-See" jewelry store right out the busy streets of Jordan. We managed to print distribution flyers complete with coupons and free gifts ready on Day 1. Rene remembers distributing the flyers in the subway MTR from Causeway Bay to Central, from Tsim Sha Tsui to even farther Mongkok.

[Walden/Rene -- So, on Day 1, the brand new glowing, beaming, sparkling jewelry store opened to excited buyers-- all these in less than a month. From a battered, dirty, old, vacant store.. Papa made magic, decorated the store, opened the store, listed the store in the market and sold not only jewelries, but the entire store, lock-stock-barrel in less than a month!


Yet, this was not the only one, another project went up in the busy district of Chai Wan, and yet another in Wan Chai. Papa just never run out of energy, he was in fact, in his very early sixties.]

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