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I Won the Grand Prize Lottery!

Manila, Philippines
Juana 1994
English Translation by Hermes Kwok, 12/27/16

In June of 1994, my husband and I were in the USA to have our family reunion with our children. We are a big family, I counted 20 of us all together. During our reunion, we drove all the way to Las Vegas and rented a vacation home. The gathering was filled with happiness and joy. It was a precious lifelong memory for my family. After the reunion, we went to Canada with some of our children for an extended vacation before proceeding back to our home in Arcadia.

Arriving in Los Angeles, I received a call from an old classmate, Li Kai Tung. It was for an invitation to have myself and my husband to a lunch meeting. During the meeting, Kai Tung handed me an invitation for the CKS54 40th (Chiang Kai Shek University) Alumni Anniversary Party. Receiving the invitation, then as an elderly woman in her sixties, I cannot help but recall all the wonderful and some sad memories of my younger days, the feeling of joy and happiness sent shivers down my spine. The excitement was beyond description.

Playing back old memories, I recalled my being hired to teach in a Chinese School in the city of Surigao (Southern part of the Philippines) upon my graduation and leaving my alma mater 40 years ago.  Was it God’s designs and plans? During my early teaching days, I met a Chinese co-teacher who I really admired. He is diligent, serious in life, passionate, and always eager to learn. As the days go by, we get to know each other more and more, and finally decided to get married and be partners for the rest of our lives. The man, and now my husband is Ong Ha Sheng, 王夏星.

It was not without hindrances and complications marrying this man. It was trouble at first sight for most people. My parents, all my siblings, and even my best friends completely disagree. They were all up against our marriage. This man, who is not only homeless and the poorest of the poor, was in fact an overstaying visitor immigrant in Manila. He may after all, sooner than later, be removed and extradited back to his homeland in China. Besides bearing the title – homeless and poor, he bears good conduct and great intelligence. People seriously warned me of my soon to be sufferings and misfortunes – yet it did not stop me from marrying this man. For I was head-over-heels, heels-over-head, madly in love with him.

I can only thank God for this life’s circumstances. I seriously deliberated my future, my plans, and then determined to face and embrace all the challenges before me. I strongly put my foot down and walked down the aisle of marriage with him on May 8, 1955. I promised and vowed to be a good wife and strive for the best as husband and wife – no matter what the future may bring.

The Lord will always take care of His faithful children, we overcame all difficulties – every hurdle, and every pain is just but a challenge in life. We are very proud parents – having recently been promoted to the title of grandparents to our first-born granddaughter and first-born grandson! I can truly say that this is the best thing that happened to our lives together!

Friends, do you know what I just had? Here is the good news… I won the lottery, the grand prize lottery! Can you believe it? I married a husband who loves and understands me deeply! I have won everything and I am the most blessed woman on earth! It is so wonderful for us to stay joyful and happy at this age as our hair turn white and grey. As we walked through our mid-60’s, hand in hand, undivided and carefree. Please wish us good luck for our life together!

Now, we enjoy the best years of our life together, away from troubles and away from worries. We neither do business nor take up posts. Our children are grown-ups, and we both think they should now be given their own chances to take up responsibilities and put their individual talents in practice. Fortunately, they are doing good even as we have been retired for 10 years now! Thank you, Lord, for all Your sufficient grace to my family.

As the saying goes in Chinese, 所年老心不老, “We are old in age, yet young in mind”. My husband continues to be an eager learner. He now master computers and write essays, poems and hymns. We have fun singing, dancing and reading poems together. Going places and long vacations together. We go to our exercises and dancing daily in the park, enjoying nature, and enjoying life together.

We have been to so many countries: Asia, Australia, America, Europe and the Middle East, and we continue to edit and expand our life’s journals together. And as we planned for our next trip to travel around the world, we do not forget the blessings that the Lord has showered upon us! We say “Thank you Lord.”

阮瑞霞, Juana, 1994

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