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My Best Meal

Nov-19 2016, Saturday, Arcadia, CA

Two days before Papa's passing, on November 19, 2016. We were at the 6th Avenue house to go out for lunch. The night before, on Friday, Mama mentioned a few times, that "tomorrow, let's go to Full House Dimsum."


That Saturday morning, I was feeling doubtful about going to Full House, it being a Saturday, since it was already past 11 am. In order to be able to get a table, you need a reservation, and you have to be there by 10:00 am, and with our large group of 10?, I said to Mama, "It is impossible to get a table. at this time." Yet, Mama still insisted that we go.

So there we went, in 2 cars, Amber driving the Honda van and Rene in Prius. We reached Full House at around 11:30 am, and boy --- there were already people waiting, queuing at the restaurant. It is indeed full. We were ten in the group, and knowing Full House, there were only 5 big tables that can seat 10-13 people. I hopelessly sigh "It is hopeless". And still Mama was insistent. So Rene, who happens to be the most positive person I've known, readily volunteers, "Sige, let me check". 

Incredibly, there were 2 empty adjacent parking spots right in front of the restaurant. "Swerte" --  I thought. We parked and waited, and my phone rang, and Rene said "Come in quick, we have a table ready!"

Wow! At pass 11:30 am on a Saturday, we got 2 parking spaces, right in front of the restaurant, and a large table waiting?  It was short of a milagro! :)

That morning, Papa had his very best meal in months! 10 People -- 501, 502, 503, 113, Honey, Siobe, Matt-Matt, John-John, Mark and Amber!  Everybody were so full, the dimsum kept coming, and as we finished our food, Papa continued eating. We were all amazed at how much he ate -- Amber kept feeding, and Papa kept eating! He enjoyed the meal!

Everybody were so full as we left, and I know in my heart that Papa was also happy.​

That morning, coming home, I told Mama, I never really believe that we can get a table, and Rene said, "Do not be negative lagi ba." I am so pleased that we went, even when things seem impossible. I am so glad that we went, that meal became Papa's best last meal.

Everything happens for a reason. I should remind myself. Even when it seem improbable and even impossible, it is not, and it can happen and it will happen.

Thank you Jesus for giving Papa the best meal! Amen.

- Walden

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