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Tribute for Papa

​From: Winston 11/29/16
Tribute to my Father

It is very sad that we lost our father despite of his strong will and determination.

My father had always loved us and often times would worry about us. During Sundays’ family gatherings, sometimes when my oldest son Timothy could not join us, he would always look for him. Then he would advise me to always look after my family.

I had always looked up to him as a role model. And had always admired my father how he became successful in business, how he handled things in depth details, and how he enjoyed his life with Mama and us.

During the past 3 months was the toughest. I saw his health declined so terribly fast. How I wished we can pause the days to run so we can have more moments with him. After his chemo for 3 months, he was so depressed. I tried to cheer him up and told him to look forward to our family reunion this Christmas but he sadly said, he might not reach Christmas anymore. It really broke my heart and I cried.

I came back from Asia just in time to see my father lying in bed, in pain had difficulty breathing. I felt his pain so much. Just after few hours, he passed away. I am very glad that I brought my family on his side during his passing. One by one we talked to him and I had the chance to say “I love you Papa.” He could hardly move and yet he opened his palm to reach for my son Trevin’s hand. It really broke my heart to see him fade away. It was my saddest moment and I cried so much that day.

When my mother was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma in 2008, my father was very concerned and worried. He often told us how difficult is would be if he would live without my mother. I would accompany them to bring my mother to City of Hope to get treatment and soon enough my mother’s condition is well controlled. Until early part of this year , when my father was diagnosed with lung cancer, he could no longer accompany my mom to City of Hope because he himself, is also getting chemo treatment. My father’s health declined very fast. Now the he is already in God’s hand in heaven, I and my siblings have to take care of our mother.

Papa, we all love you! Please don’t worry about Mama, we will take good care of her.

We Love You Angkong - Ton Ton Family
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