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Thanksgiving 2017

Walter, 11/23/2017 10:09 am

Today is Thanksgiving Day.  What am I thankful for? Many....

  • I am thankful for having a great family, a beautiful, loving and ever joyful wife who seems to be problem proof; A son who's smile shines through my entire day. That's just one of Joshua's attributes; Julian, for his pure love, the truest of true color, and for his daily kisses that melt all my stress away; Justine, for her love and thoughtfulness. For helping me arrange fresh flowers for Papa and Mama; Johnson, my handsome son, still a mama's boy that I love so much.

  • For all the blessings we have since the day I was born; having all these wonderful friends; for the lessons from all the struggles that I have experienced and for the strength and wisdom that God gave me to be who I am today.

  • For giving me my brothers and sisters although as Wishing said, we don't have a perfect family nor perfect individual. God intentionally made us imperfect to make us realize to be humble and not prideful. To love instead of hate. To be united instead of bickering. To praise instead of criticize. And lastly, to LOVE ONE ANOTHER. I know I myself have many flaws and yet to forgive and forget those who trespassed upon me, but I am trying my best with God's help, to forgive, forget and moving on with our lives. We are not perfect, but as long as we strive to be perfect in love and relationship, that's good enough.

  • For having Mama, the greatest mom we can ever ask for. Mama always have her shoulder to lean on, a never ever tiring ear to listen to all our achievements as well as our setbacks. Always ready for her encouraging words. Although at times she's short tempered, but she never have any grudges among family members. Family to her was the most important. I miss Mama but I know God took her from us because Mama has a new assignment in heaven. Mama is moving on to the next chapter. Once I am done with this chapter of mine, I will see her again.

  • For having Papa. I always tell my friends stories about Papa. About how smart he was, that if I can only have one percent of his smartness, I will be happy. I am thankful for his love and dedication to our family. Whatever I am today was the result of all his words of wisdom, his continuous encouragement and his never fading love. Thank you Pa for letting me able to serve you during your most difficult moment. It has been my greatest honor to be able to serve a great man, a great mentor and a great father. I know one day we will have the opportunity to get together once again for a meal with Mama and God. I love you Pa.

  • What are you thankful for? Happy Thanksgiving to all.

Wilma 11/23/17 1:58 pm

Reading through papas memoir on the road in New York and wanted to pass this on. Though we all live different lives, remember we are one and papa would want us to be one. Grateful to each one of you for being there through life's ups and down. Love you all!

Walden 11/23/17 5:38 pm

Missing You on Thanksgiving!

Browsing over pages of our album today,
    Simple pictures worn and gray.
Something caught me by surprise,
   As teardrops fill my heavy eyes.
Father and Mother and my family,
   Around the lake so peacefully.
This Thanksgiving we will be missing you.
   Deep in our hearts, if you only knew.
Though hundreds and millions of miles away,
   Forever in our hearts you’ll always stay.

Give Thanks

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