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Tribute to Papa

​From: William, 11/25/16

Papa is and has always been a great achiever. He has done so much great things not only for our family but as well as the community  He is a man who "really" is the story of "rags to riches" and although as human beings, we cannot evade nor escape failures and sins, we witnessed his life and Mama's life transformation in following Christ and 100% coming back into the fold of Christ. 

Aside from being a great achiever, he was extremely smart and wise. He taught me the principles of Confucius and Sun Tzu. He taught me about leadership, and how to stand alone in difficulties and hardships, of which is something that I am forever grateful.

We will never forget you, Papa. You have shared to us your life's wonders and wisdom of whom no one could ever have taught us. We will see you again in heaven where there is no suffering and pain, where there is just happiness in Jesus' everlasting presence. 

I am very thankful for my brothers and sisters along with their better halves that had took care of Papa and Mama while me and Bay were in the Philippines. I am also very thankful to all of the people who loved and took time to take care of Papa. You have been a great help to him and also to our family. Again, thank you so much for spending your time and effort with us in this time of grief!

Goodbye Papa - William
Dear Angkong - Honey
We Miss You Angkong - Siobe
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