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Tribute for Papa

​From: Marvin

Papa may not be here with us right now, but he is in all of our hearts and I am sure he is listening and I want to thank him in welcoming me and allowing me to be part of this family. 

I will miss him.

​From: Ashlyn

We should go on with our lives, because God gives Angkong the gift of eternal happiness in life.

​From: Lauren


Angkong is loved and respected, and to me he is a role model.

He was very successful in life, but still stay humble, and that's what I wanna do when I'm older. And I wish we could like in peace and unity, and know that we will see him again in Heaven, with God.

​From: Robyn

The past couple of years, I was so grateful to be able to see Angkong as I needed him in my life. We all look up to Angkong.  He came from China from nothing, ended up in the Philippines and made a legacy.


I’m sorry Angkong that I could not be there to see you today. As I sit here crying in front of my computer, I am glad to know that you are now in a better place. Knowing that you are no longer with us make me want to get through studying abroad even more hoping to make you and our family proud. I wish you could be able to see me when I graduate, but I know you will be up there watching over me. I hope to make you proud by learning Mandarin. 

As you once said “Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy and wise”. I have kept this in my heart as I have left for college. Never has there been a day where I didn’t consider this as I have become a firm believer of waking up early to be able to get everything done and out of the way.  I am reminded of you as I am part of you and our family. If I look in the mirror, you are part of what makes me. Your strong determination and willingness has been passed down in the family and is something that I see in all of us and something that I hope to keep in me. You are a strong bond and gene that connects our whole family. We all are in a way Chinese, born and raised and even the way we look. We will all remember you as we have the self determination that you brought upon us.  I hope and wish that me and my cousins can pass this from generation to generation.  Angkong, I love you and will miss you dearly.

​From: Wilma


Thank you for your love, you have ​shown me so much, from how you lived. Thank you for all the sacrifices you made, so that I can have a better life.

I now understand how that is, for I have to do the same for my children.

Papa, for the borrowed time I have with you, I will remember those times forever. There are so many unspoken words that are so deep. And you'll always be in me. And I will pass your legacy to the children. I thank God for your life and I can't wait, for the time to meet you and embrace you so tight.



Dear Papa - Marvin
I Love You Papa - Wilma
Dear Angkong - Lauren
Angkong - Ashylyn
My Angkong - Robyn
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