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We Walked the Life of Our Father

by Wilma, 11/21/17 6:40 am

Dear family,

After papa passed away, I thought I was losing it as I was crying all the time on planes, trains and buses. I felt he were in my shoes and did whatever he could for the family.


After mama passed away, there's a deep sense of loss that they are both gone. For 26 years, I went to see them iregardless... 


Thankful for all the years and for having my children see their grandparents. It's so important to know the roots of the forefathers.


Ahya and Tonton, maybe you can accompany us one day in China to see where papa is from.


When I see my 3-kids they all have the qualities of papa. Robyn believes on waking up early and never gives up. Lauren's cleverness is Angkong and Ashlyns's persistence and face shows her grandfather. The impact is huge when we walk the life of our father. 


Grateful of being with mama and showing love and forgiveness....

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