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A Time to Heal

by Wishing, 11/22/17 5:53 pm

Yesterday at 4:40 PM was really no different than how it was last year – I was on the road sitting in traffic filled with a mixture of unknown emotions. We may all have played different roles but I’m pretty sure everybody will agree that we are blessed to have our parents as part of our lives. Just like what I’ve told some of you, their passing away should not signal the end of our getting together as a family because I strongly believe they are happy whenever we do this – I’m certain that those of you who have children can attest to this. Differences exist because we are not a perfect family (and definitely not perfect individuals) and sometimes it just painstakingly hard to forgive and much more to forget but in the end blood is still thicker than water. Time heals wounds and let us TRY (yes, it can be hard even to try) to remember that the scars serve ONLY as a reminder of the lessons we’ve learned and nothing else. There is a time for everything and our time will also come ( In the end, it is HIS will and not ours. 

I’ve been wanting to visit Papa’s hometown in China but never had the chance to let him know about it. I’m still hoping that I’ll be able to make that trip one of these days. 


Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!! Love you all and I'm glad we have  imperfections because life is boring and not colorful (and we won't learn anything) if were all perfect hehe... Keep smiling/laughing because it only takes a few muscles to laugh but tons of muscles to frown (aside from getting lots of facial lines haha...).  

503 -- In 1987, when 113 introduce me to the Bible, one of the best and still the favorite verse is from Ecclesiastes 3:1-8. 

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