My Partner

Our parents were married on May-8, 1955. Papa (Johnny) was 27 and Mama (Juana) was then 23. They started life as teachers, and in a few years started their own business. Mother is strong-willed and yet the most loving and caring woman to her family. She is the strongest pillar that hold the family together through life's up and down. At 85 (2017), keeps herself busy all day, never miss a Bible study class, never late for Sunday Church Class and Service, and still joins the family meals everyday. She is well loved and cared. And  John John would always say, "I love you Ama"  - Walden (1/17/2017)


Our Beloved Mama passed on September 25, 2017. She lived an amazingly wonderful and beautiful life of 86 years. She fulfilled her bucket-list of visiting her hometown, Manila, twice in 2017 (in March for her 86th birthday celebration, and again on Sep-8.)   We finally submitted her soul to our Almighty God. Mama is in bond and together with her Father and Mother in the Philippines. She was laid to rest on Oct-8, 2017.

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