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We Serve

Past President, Davao City Host Lions Club, 1973-74

Past Governor, District 301-E, 1979-80

Past President, Mindanao Tai Guan Ongs Association, 19__

[additional writings by Juana/Walden/Lucio Ong/Fe Cabonce, to our best recollection]

[Walden -- In the early 70s, my father become more and more involved with social and community activities. He was elected as the President of the Davao City Host Lions Club in 1973. He also served in various capacities as as an active member and officer of the Davao City Chamber of Commerce and Industry Inc. He also organized the Mindanao Tai Guan Tong Association and served as the Pesident. His closest friends were Lucio Ong, the Late Atty. Jose Sevilla and Amado Alvarez, who remained very close with him.

In 1973-74, I served as the President of the Davao City Host Lions Club. [Fe Cabonce --  During his term as president, Sir Lima constructed the Lions Club House along MacArthur Highway in Matina. The lot was a lease from Mr Huang Sui Sin, who became an Honorary Member of the Club. The Club House was designed and built by Architect Johnny Sulit.]

 It was also during my term as president that we established Sister Twinning with Taiwan and Japan. [Fe Cabonce --  Aside from the day to day Lions services to the community, Sir Lima through generous contributions from the various Taiwan Lions Club built a Tower Clock right in the center Davao City Hall, corner Bolton and San Pedro Street. The Clock chimes every hour for many years. The hourly chimes can be heard by as far for Sta Ana Wharf and beyond the Bankerohan river highway.]

It was during my term as president of the Lions Club, that I was bestowed the title of Datu"Looc" by the local Muslim settlers of Davao.

In May of 1979, after having serve as Lion's Club President, I was elected as Governor of Lions Club International, District 301-E, covering the entire island of Mindanao.

[Walden -- My father's dedication is exceptional. A year before the governor's election, he campaigned all over the district with Chuck Cuyugan, Henry Mapa and a few times with Jess Torio. The victory was hard fought. I remembered Papa's friends all out support for him financially - emotionally - physically. Lucio Ong, one of my father's closest supporter was always at hand to help. During the week approaching the elections, Lucio was shuttling back and forth between chartered Hotels - Tradewinds in Makati and Ambassador in Dewey, Manila with Walter. Food preparation were handled by Henry and Darling Mapa, Domy and Pilaring Magno. Doming Bendigo (former Sta Cruz Mayor), chartered a PAL flight full of delegates from Davao, while Henry Go (William Lines) supported with a chartered cruise with MV Manila]

[Walden -- On election day, at the Don Bosco School ground, hours before balloting opens, we hear the familiar music, penned by Pilaring and Darling Mapa to the tune of "Hello Dolly"", the lyrics would go like "Oh hello Johnny, its so nice to see you run for governor. and ending the song with the words, its so nice to see you as our governor."  


[Walden -- By tally, my father won 432 votes over his opponents' 144. It was during this point in time I personally witnessed passionate friends, without any reservations, supported my father -- Amado and Linda Alvarez, Doming and Inday Bendigo, Lucio and Eva Ong, Pete Tombo, Lucio Ong, Domy and Pilar Magno, Henry and Darling Mapa, Sammy and Linda and Labang, to name just a few.  I could go on and on filling up this page with names. The celebration lasted past midnight to the wee hours of the next day. The feeling was euphoric, ecstatic and near crazy!] 

[Juana/Walden -- Back home in Davao, I was with Mama when we confirmed by telephone that Papa won the elections. Later that night, the local newspaper had its Headline that says otherwise, it actually says "Opponents-Name Won by Landslide"  We had our own taste of Fake News during those days. Of course, my father won the elections, yet, the newspaper publisher (who we know quite well) Headlined it otherwise. That night, we drove to the publisher to complain. The publisher REFUSED to retract, and we had to buy the already distributed newspaper! Looking back, it sounded silly, funny, hilarious, but Boy, during those times --- it was an election that was worthy of comparision to Clinton-Trump!]

During my term, I visited all of the 60 Lions Clubs (2,000 members+) throughout the district. Coming back from my Governorship Inaugural held in the Lions Headquarters in Chicago, IL, I returned home to be awarded the title of Honorary Sultan by the Royal Sultanate of Basilan, Sultan Hadji Mohammad Amirul.  


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