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Strangely Wonderful

by Winston, 11/21/17 7:33 am

I would like to remind everyone to remember our parents today and say a little prayer for Papa and Mama when you have the chance.

This morning I had a very strange feeling because I had a dream that Papa called on the phone.  In my dream, we were at the warehouse of 503.  I can remember in my dream that me, 503, and Sally were there and there’s another brother, it was not very clear who it was.   We were moving stuffs to the warehouse and the phone rang.  503 first answered the phone and he did not hear anything so 503 hung up the phone.  On the 2nd ring, 503 asked me to answer the phone and Papa was on the line, so I placed him on the speaker phone so everyone can hear him.  He was telling me something that they (Papa and Mama) were traveling somewhere like an airport and then I woke up.

My daily routine went by and after I have sent Trevin to school, Moty already went to school and Sally had went to her mom, I was left at the house.  All of a sudden I felt so depressed and somehow missed Papa and Mama so much and I began crying and crying, and I don’t know why I can’t stop crying.  Then I prayed for Papa and Mama.  After that as I was getting ready because I have to meet 215 at Rizal, I looked at my watch and saw the date 21.  I realized that today is November 21.  Papa is reminding me to remember them.  And I feel that Papa wants me to remind everyone to remember them today as it is his anniversary.  I will be visiting today the Mausoleum where me and Ahya had placed Papa’s urn.

Thanks for listening.


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