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Learning from Papa

by William, 11/21/17 2:51 pm


I wanted to share with you that I am now in Manila preparing for a speech as Philippine Ambassador to the Government officials and businessmen that arrive 2 days ago from Chengdu


I remember how Papa does his speeches and I observed carefully and admired all of his talks before. (The last one of which that I have to "force" Papa to go up stage and talked in front of a big party (Tai Guan Tong of around 500 people in Ladislawa ) of which Papa almost declined, saying "due to his old age" Maybe my time today was arranged to follow what Papa had as a good speaker, all of these abilities and endeavors that I had been doing for the Philippines now are from what I had learned from Papa... But even until today, I just cannot understand and imagine why me, specially that  I do not have a good command of English.   Yet, I always remember what the Bible had say about the time when Moses ask God: "Why me?"

I have always been a not so good speaker, I don't even know how to write a good letter, but God had place Papa in front of me as a great model to remind me that we have the same gene of doing it ! .... Thank you Papa for the encouragement in my  life to follow your footsteps!

Also without Mama as a model to me for "patience" and for being a "martyr in life" for our family, I won't make it until this day, I have learn so much from Mama on how she took care of our Family, and this became my way on taking care of my family even at whatever circumstances that will happen........ and that is the reason why my family is still intact and seeing the kids growing up  now and becoming professionals..... Again Thank you Mama.

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