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Walk Gracefully, But Once

JKL - Sep 11, 2012

Translation from Original Chinese Script by Hermes Kwok and Walden

"Walk Graceful - Walk Free"

Life, no matter how fruitful or accomplished, is nothing more than just "ashes and dusts in the battlefield." No one could ever witness his own life, yet "cloud and many-a-moon follows us along eight thousand miles."  These are "words of wisdom" found in Yue Fei's Man Jianghong.[1]

The Lord gave us this precious and miraculous life. We should -- every second, every minute, live our life to its fullest.  It is our greatest duty to listen and to obey God's words, to walk in his ways, honest and graceful, live long and healthy, free from disease, until the end of our life.

Yet, few can really experience a perfect life. Not because of life's adversities and difficulties, but because of our own "Free Will". God's gift of "Free Will" can be a double-edged sword. It can also be a curse when we are blinded by greed and selfishness, and consumed by temptations. Falling into sin, we lose our soul and we lose our life. Never to rise again.

We must therefore, first of all, thank the Lord for granting us "Free Will." Allow me to borrow a phrase from the the Analects of Confucius. The master said, "If it is not Li [2], don't look at it"; "If it is not Li , don't listen at it"; "If it is not Li , don't say it"; "If it is not Li , don't do it". Li (禮)[3] is justified and reasoned. In other words, we should affirm the existence and the value of "Free Will",  and strongly remain disciplined. We must, in everything we do, be justified and reasonable, stay away from evil and harm, and live a conscientious life. God created life to be beautiful, and for mankind to be away from sin. I am very fortunate to be blessed by God's presence, in the pursuit of health and happiness, away from harm and danger, and looking forward to God's promise of eternal life.

This writing is titled “Walk Gracefully, But Once”. Hoping that I am able walk gracefully and freely, and leave my footprints in this world, one day soon I shall face the Lord without sorrow nor regret. Amen.

JKL, 王夏星 

Sept. 11, 2012

[1] 三十功名塵與土, 八千里路雲和月 滿江紅

[2] 非禮勿 視,非禮勿聽,非禮勿言,非禮勿動

[3] Li(禮) is Ritual institutions of the Zhou which defines the “correctness” in behavior and activities ranging from political protocol to court ceremony, religious rite to village festival, daily etiquette to disciplines of personal conduct when alone.


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