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Remembering Papa 2019

Johnny K Lima, 01/15/28 - 11/21/16


At the  Palm Residence in May 8, 2005.

Money, Time and Relationship

Walter Nov-20/2019

Sure money is important. 

It is a necessity. 

It is what we use for the essentials of life.

But money cannot buy happiness. 

Money can be earned overnight but a relationship is built over time.

Money can never be more important than a relationship.


          Time passes through us...

          Time heals our wounds

          Time gives us wisdom through experience.

          Time can build relationships...

          If you take the time to nurture it

          But time can never be more important than relationships.

Relationships are what bring us together

the love, caring for each other, 

celebrating birthdays, 

support when someone's down

celebrating our little triumph in life.

That's what our parents did to us.

          Once Papa and Mama came to my office,

          I was so busy with my work.

          The pressure of the business.

          To make the business profitable.

          I was so attracted by the shininess of Money, 

          that I neglected to see our parents

Over the years, after reflecting,

I realized and learned how important a relationship is.

How life can be so temporary.

How life can be so short and fragile.

That now Papa and Mama long gone,

it's too late to meet them again in my office.


          How I wish I could spend more time with our parents,

          to give them more hugs, more kisses and most of all,

          the love that they both deserved.

          How I wish I could have known back then,

          that a relationship is far more important than time and money.

          That without a relationship, life is meaningless.


Papa, I thank you for being my Father.

For all the sacrifices you made.

Enduring all the pressures of business,

just to give us a better life.

You are a great Father.

And I am so very proud to be your son

Walden Nov-15/2019

I Love You Papa

Dearest Papa

So many things I wanted to tell you.   So many things I wished I have said. And today, with this simple writing, I wish I can express my feelings well enough.

Looking back over time, I find myself wondering...

Have I showed my gratitude enough for all the things you have done? You held my hand, feed me, teach me, walked with me, coached me with the lessons of life.

And I find myself wondering...

Have I expressed my appreciations enough, for taking me traveling, telling me stories, proudly telling stories about me to your friends, and even trusting me with your works.


Still I find myself wondering...

Have I said "thank you" enough, for all that you have done for me? All the times you were by my side, to celebrate success, and to share the burden of defeats, and most of all for bringing me back to life.

And for now I am, once again saying "thank you", for giving me my life, for giving me my family. Somehow, somewhere I know you know for sure that I love you -- Papa... more than words can ever express.

2002_0101_img790 (1).jpg

Nice Visit?

Walden Nov-21/2019

I have a queer habit of waking up at 4:18 every morning, weekdays or weekends. Today, I woke up at the same time. Stepping down the stairs, I noticed the faint "light" along the path to the kitchen. Immediate I felt Papa's presence.  At the living room are 2 Nix Picture frames that are equipped with motion-sensor, one each for Papa and Mama. Papa's frame was ON.  It may have "sensed" a motion -- Not me, and definitely not the sleeping twins or their mommy... That put a nice smile.


That was a nice morning visit to remember Papa.

At the Palm residece with 505 Family
Short 2 day trip to Morro Bay, where we twice visited with Angkong in 2014-206

In Baguio City, Philippines 1961

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