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Tears In Heaven

Sometime in 2010, Camino Real, Arcadia, California

In the afternoon of May 12, 2008, a powerful earthquake struck Wenchuan, China (汶川大地震). Measuring 8.0 magnitude in the Richter scale, 69,000 people lost their lives. It was a very sad day in China.

Arriving from their Church one afternoon in 2010, after hearing Pastor Matthew cited the 2008 earthquake incident in their Bible study, Papa started 'googling' on the internet (as he always does), and came upon a youtube video about the earthquake with a tune playing in the background. When I walked in, I asked, "what are you listening?" He wasn't sure, and we both watch the video. I said, this is one of my favorite 'slow' song of the nineties, Tears in Heaven by Eric Clapton.

I started telling and expounding about the story behind this song. Papa was very touched. I knew then when I left their residence that evening he will surely be on google researching about the music, about the writer, and about the story behind. He always do that, whatever you say, he always-always try to get one more confirmation (and usually from goggle.

Two weeks later, he showed me his works. His work includes Pictures of beautiful the Wenchuan (before and after the earthquake) all made up and presented in Powerpoint, plus the English to Chinese translation of the song,  Not only did he researched on the subject, just as I knew he would. He actually transcribed the tune into Finale Notations, add instruments, add orchestra and and started playing the song. His own rendition of Tears-In-Heaven.

He did not notice, but I was already in tears. I loved you Papa (silently I must have said).

灑天堂 - Johnny K Lima rendition of Tears in Heaven
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He later shared the Powerpoint presentation with his own rendition version to friends during the church service.

-- Walden, 2/16/17

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