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Tribute for Papa

​From: Walter, 11/27/16

Hi Papa,


It was very difficult for me to see you go.  But I am thankful that you are now in a better place where there's no more pain and suffering.  A place that is full of love and happiness. I know God is with you now.  And I know someday we will meet again. You left us with so much memories, but the last part of your life stands out the most.  I am thankful that I have the opportunity to serve you on the most difficult moment of your life. Although I have to deal with my back pain while tending on you many months, it was my most gratifying moment, to serve the greatest inspiration of my life, that's you Papa. I love you so dearly.


When we were young, you gave us numerous invaluable advice that I took for granted. Now looking back, I realized how those advices shaped my life and brought me to where I am now. It's still fresh in my mind when we stayed together in Hongkong for 2 years where I prepared our meals everyday. On Sundays we played chess all day with a bag of peanut on each side.  Thank you for spending the time to teach me play chess. Most of all, thank you for choosing to spend the time with me.

Every time I am with my friends, I constantly talked proudly of you.  To date, I have not seen anyone as smart as you. Although you were only able to reach fifth grade, your intellectual level is beyond PHD. I am always amazed of your mathematical skills. You even beat the calculator. I missed those times when you passionately talk to us about China's history. Those memories will be with me forever.


Even though I said goodbye to you when I stayed with you all the way till your last breath, I know deep in my heart that one day I will see you again. Pa, you had a great life. God loves you and blessed you all your life. Now you are sitting right next to God.  That is the reason I have to be joyful instead of sorrow. I love you Pa. Someday I will see you again.

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