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Time Really Flies

by Walter, 11/21/17 8:35 am

Time really flies. I talk to both Papa and Mama everyday. I also look at the camera several times a day hoping I can see them, but TV room is empty. Papa not in the pool. It's really hard and very sad that they are not with us anymore. Whatever I am, whatever I have it is all because of them. I learned a lot from them especially Papa. Just like Wilma's email...Grief is proof that love is still there. Because there's no prescription available for worries and stress but most of all Grief. I want to thank God once again for giving us such a wonderful parents. A dad who always pushes us to be the best we can be. So many times we took his words of wisdom for granted, not knowing that we are now applying it to our lives. A mom who loved us unconditionally no matter what the situation was. 


I love you Pa, I love you Ma. I'm happy for you both because you are now together again in a special place prepared exclusively for you. Don't worry about us here. We will be ok. Because of you, we will be ok. Thank you Pa, Ma for the love, for the stories, for lending us your ears when we were troubled and for everything you've done for us. I miss both of you very much. How I wish I can bring you both back once again and be able to hug both of you. I know I will see you both once it is my time. In the meantime, Ma, can you please hug Papa for me?

Walter: 11/21/17 11:53AM

Nin, once again I want to thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for such a beautiful website you created. I can’t stop crying while reading but at the same time happy to relive our parents life once again. I will definitely share it with my family this Thanksgiving. I encourage you all to do the same. Our parents lived life to the fullest. Won a great race and now resting in Heaven next to our Lord Jesus Christ. Happy Thanksgiving to all.

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