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Today, Aug-18, 2018 is Papa's Chinese Birthday.

He would have turned 90 Years Old.

Walter and Family Aug-18-2018

Celebrating Papa's 90th in Arcadia

My Dearest Parents,


Now that you are in Heaven, how I wish that I spent more time with you Pa and Ma while you were still here with us. I realized it is too late now that you are both gone. How I miss you both and longing for your voice, your advice, your stories about China, Mama's stories about Japan's cruelty, Mama's unconditional love...  If I can only find a way to bring you back so I can give you both my tightest hug and my sweetest kiss, so I can be with you both for one last time. That will make the happiest of my life. But I know you have a new home now with our Lord, joyful and free of all the decay of the world. Although I am sad to lose you both, I should keep reminding myself that I should be happy for you. You are in a special place that only special people can go to. I am very proud of you both, not because of your life accomplishments, but because you were and to this day, loved by many. 


Earlier today, I was at the gym observing some seniors exercising by themselves. They could barely walk, yet they were all by themselves with no help, no assistance and no love from their kids or relatives. I felt sad and remembered both of you. All of a sudden, it gave me a jolt of happiness for feeling lucky to have served you, Pa and Ma, on your most difficult moments of your lives. It was very fulfilling to be able to share my love, to cook for you, to feed you, and to assist you on all your daily needs. I miss those afternoon walks to the park where sometimes Mama would cheat and intentionally slow down so she did not need to walk too far. I miss our dinner together at Garden Cafe, Henry's and May May. Those were the days that I took for granted and I now finally realize that you are both gone and will never return. Thank you for all those memories.  I will cherish those moments for the rest of my life.


I will strive my very best to continue what I have learned from you both: to love my kids unconditionally, to be patient, to respect others especially elderly, to have good virtue and most especially, to spread the love. My words alone cannot thank you enough for all the things you have done to me, for bringing me to who I am now and for all your support and love. I will be forever indebted to both of you, Pa and Ma. I love you and I miss you so much. One day I will see both of you again. One day, we will be together once again enjoying one another with our Lord. By the way, happy 90th birthday, Pa. 


Your son,




Celebrating Papa's 90th in Davao

William, Windell, Winston Families

Celebrating Papa's Chinese 90th Birthday at the Mausoleum, Forest Lake in Davao. (William, Bing and Vincent, Windell, Diana, Crisha, and Matthew John, Winston, Sally and Trevin.)(Special thanks to Cris for the computer setup, Video playing, and pictures)

504 lead the group in prayers and the viewing of Papa's favorite verse made to music "He is Like a Tree". Litson lunch with misua, and chocolate cake enjoyed by everyone.

Thank you for everything Nen, after again watching all of the videos and reading on all of the attached materials .....


I have nothing to do but cry......tears just won't stop falling.

We really missed our parents....

William 08/18/2018

Celebrating Papa's 90th in Wrightwood

Walden Rene Matt-Matt & John-John

Tracing our walks in the mountain city of Wrightwood with Papa and Mama during the thanksgiving week of Nov-2005. Matthew and John were then 8 months old. Today, Aug-18, 2018. We went to the same familiar United Methodist Church Campground at Elm Street. We had a nice lunch at Grizzley Bear Restaurant, and took time out to stroll the downtown park where a classic cars  exhibition is held. I can only wish that both Papa and Mama are here today. The nostalgic feelings brought tears to my eyes. Papa and Mama are now in a better place in Heaven. 

As a young boy, I thought you were the smartest person in the world.

As a teen, I thought your rules were too strict and a bit more than harsh.

As a young adult, I thought, I can be better than you.

But as I mature toward the forty-ish, fifty-ish, sixty-ish,

I realized that the best I can be is being my father's son.

I can only be thankful that everything you did was to pave a way for the family.

My words of gratitute will never be enough.

And I remain forever grateful to have a father like you.

Happy 90th Birthday Papa.

Strangers Things do Happen

At Thanksgiving Week 2005 Retreat

Many are the plans in a person’s heart,
    but it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails. - Proverbs 19:21

It has become a norm for Papa to always be prepared for whatever events, things, matters that may come. He is always ready for anything. So, about week before the church retreat date. I drove with Papa and Mama to Wrightwood, visited all the motels that we have google-researched the day before. One by one, we look at the rooms, the bathrooms, and even the scenery around. We finally booked for 3 rooms. One for Papa and Mama, one for Mei-San and group, and one for Rene, Matthew and John and myself. All set - all ready, one week in advance!

That Thursday, Nov-24, 2005 started just like any Thursday. Papa and Mama hosted a lunch for the members joining at the Mei-Mei Restaurant in Arcadia. After lunch,, Papa and Mama took their White Cadillac Escalade, and saw us in the parking area with my BMW X3 with a flat tire with a large nail perfectly implanted.  We quickly drive to home, Papa following, to switch to another car - a Honda Civic Silver-Gold.  Papa and Mama had Mei-San and 2 other members in the Cadillac following. As we brought the boys in car-seats to the Honda Civic, and pulling out of the garage, I felt the wheel acting strangely. To my surprise -- Alas, the Civic had not 1 but 2 flat tires. Of course, the tires were more than "bald" and totally worn-out.  I gave up and told Papa to just go ahead, he reluctantly left with the group. We knew the church members would be waiting too long for him to get things in order if he waited for us to fix the tires. 

Mama as she always is, "will never leave you nor forsake you". I knew Mama--  for in a few minutes, I got a call from Mama telling me not wait to fix the tires and just wait for ChuChang to arrive.  Indeed, in a few minutes, ChuChang arrived with his Lexus SUV and hand me the key. I hesitantly took the key and thank ChuChang. I know he loved the car so much, and I was reluctant. But between going late and reluctance, I choose the latter.

We arrived Wrightwood late in the afternoon, took our rooms, and had dinner with the group. It was a long evening of Bible study, fellowship, sharing, and Pastor Matthew's sermon.  As we walked back to our car, I heard Papa called, "Flat Tire!"  I thought it as a joke, but right then and there, a flat on the Right Rear Tire of the Escalade. It was chilling cold, must be like 40-Degrees. We called Triple-A and was told it could take more than 2 hours. Andrew and Winston, tried to help by trying to change the tire. We were unsusccesful, for not only was the tire HUGE and HEAVY, it was the darkest night with just one fluorescent light on. Finally, we called Ton Ton --- all problems solved. Still we waited for about 45 minutes. Ton Ton came with the Gold Cadillac, and drove Papa and Mama back to the motel, while I used Chu-Chang's Lexus. Ton-Ton had to wait for the AAA rescue to change tire and finally drove the Escablade back to Arcadia!

The next morning, we had early breakfast with the members, and proceeded to the Silverwood Lake. A beautiful lake, tranquil and peaceful in the city of Hesperia, we had lunch. Had our photos taken and bade goodbye, as we drove home in convoy, Papa and Mama in the Gold Cadillac, while we used ChuChang's Lexus. Stranger things can happen, even to the finest and well-prepared person.  

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