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December 2012 at the 504 Residence, Davao City, Philippines

Merry Christmas to our Family and Friends

T'was a Night Before Christmas

Walden 12/2017

T’was a Night before Christmas,
Chapels all waiting for the midnight mass.
Joyful children caroling simple hymn,
Bright lighted candles that never dim.

Snow covered grounds into Christmas white,
Silent night turned merry and bright.
Sweet melody over the frosting air,
Warm season’s greetings from everywhere.

Oh -- Father Mother nowhere to find,
Not a whisper, and not even a sign.
And all in a quick second, rose a Christmas star,
From east to west, stretched afar.

Swiftly a familiar fragrance filled the room,
Snow white angels appeared in bloom.
Bearing gifts from way, way up above,
More precious than gold, a gift of love.

T’was a day after Christmas,
Gentle whispers buzzing from the past.
Away in a manger, lay Christ our King,
Bring peace on earth, the angels sing.

Oh, John and Jane, they saw the light,
Glorifying heaven, all day, all night.
You walked beside me day by day,
For you have never really went away.

Oh -- Father Mother, so now I find,
Cherished your love, forever mine.
“We’re spending Christmas with Jesus this year,"
Merry Christmas my son, wipe away that tear.” 

T'was a Night Before Christmas - Jai Lynn - Walden
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