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My Life Working with God

In his own words. Excerpt from the Book, "My Incredible Life Journey"

I was baptized and became a Christian on November 11th, 1950. Since 1983 when I was residing in Hong Kong , I attended services at the Fujian San Yi Fellowship; and I have been a devout student of the Bible for 25 years since then, which is one third of my lifetime, a considerably long time! Notwithstanding, I am humbled by my inadequacy of my knowledge of the Bible. As the saying goes "the more we study, the more we discover our ignorance". On the other hand, I am consoled by the thought that back then when I started my quest to discover God, there were thousands of questions floating in my head; with answers hitherto unknown to me. To date, I am yet to find satisfactory answers to my questions. GOD is MYSTICAL. I have this sense of myself surrendering every fiber of my body and soul to the embrace of God, and knowing that God's greatness is always manifesting, His presence and love are an undeniable Truth as it is told in the Scriptures: "Word of You had come to my ears, but now my eyes have seen You."( Job 42:5)

The wisdom in the scripture has enlightened me. I am filled with a liberating sense from worldly detachments, enabling me to let go of mainstream sentiments, encumbrance, anxiety and worries; and to give myself wholeheartedly to God for whatever time that is left of me. I am running towards the benchmark without looking back.

I have written and edited Bible-related works in the form of study aids, including but not limited to: the New and Old Testament which totals 890 pages, materials which are similar to mentoring with illustrations, translation of the characters and places from Chinese to English, bits of pieces, the essence and the gist of the Bible. Last but not least, the concise introduction and the Q&A (questions and answers) section of the Bible, and all the characters in the New and Old Testament. These materials have been used during our fellowship gatherings and Sunday School Bible studies.Throughout my life, I have been watched over by God.  With a thankful heart, I have composed more than 300 hymns for worship, "Oh! My Soul!" is one of them.

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