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Papa's Songs

Walden - 1/21/2017

In the late 2007 towards early 2013, my father was so inspired with the Holy Bible (I can sense that he is so filled with the Holy Spirit).


Throughout the 6 year period, he wrote, played, composed and made 328 music pieces (I counted the existing files and prints - and it could have been more somewhere). Many of his songs were inspired from the Book of Psalms, and quite a lot more mostly from the New Testament.  A few I should say are tunes right out of his mind. During the years, we often times see him "embedded" in his office working on one of his songs. Many of the songs are still used in his church to  this date.

Quite surprisingly, Papa even rearranged and played with his favorite Finale software Eric Clapton's "Tears in Heaven", and in 2016, a few months before he died, he rearranged the multi-award International Song "Anak", he translated this in Chinese and rearrange the music.  We can feel the song having a beautiful connection with my father.

Our parents have very good singing voices (afterall, I should say good because they are our parents hehe)  Yet, very few of his song were sang by them with their own voices. Many of the songs were sang by church friends. He did managed to have a CD of 20 songs Sang by Mrs Lim (Lim Tiong Yong's Wife) and recorded professionally by Vincent Lo, also a church friend.

One of our favorite Papa's song was "He is Like a Tree" from Psalm 1:3. As I listened to his voice recording, made in 2013 at the 6th Ave home, he sounded 'fragile' and 'timid', yet you can still feel the warmth pasionate love deep within the song.

He is Like a Tree 他要像一棵樹 - JKL

Upon Papa's passing on November of 2016, I frantically search for all his music and tried to relive his passions. I regret not being with him when he did the recordings with various singers. Regret not being there, when he was writing the songs, and playing the piano. Regret not learning when he tried multiple occasions trying to imply his knowledge of the music software Finale. The missed opportunities I will forever carry with me the rest of my days.

With his passing, I can only relive this by complimenting his song with English lyrics that can connect with the generation and the next generation. Early January of 2017, a new recording made for "He is Like a Tree" in translated English, with a new chorus harmonized with additional lyrics. My only wish is for our generation and the next generation to remember Papa.

He is Like a Tree - Deri
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He is Like a Tree - Justine
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With Esther leading the singing of He is Like a Tree on Papa's Birthday lunch at the Garden Cafe in Arcadia. This is the very last birthday Papa and Mama spent with the Church friends on Aug-2015.

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